Forget this biking thing… Show me the good stuff!

Mileage count: 286/4,039
Location: Stroudsburg, PA

This post is for those who have been asking… “What else do you guys do? You can’t bike alllll the time…”. You’re right! Below are a few pictures and posts from our favorite non biking/building activities from the past week and a half…

Homemade slip-n-slide with the church youth group. 2 tarps tied together and some dish soap to make it extra slippery… Best idea ever? (Kyle on the left, me on the right)


Learning to swing dance at a local Danbury, CT studio (who could turn down donated dance lessons?)


Massage trains. A typical Bike and Build activity…


Build day nap time… It’s not exactly Bike and Build protocol to snooze on Habitat sites, but after an 83 mile ride the day prior, it’s inevitable.


Favorite food stop… Who said Kyle and I couldn’t eat a 16″ Large pizza in one sitting?


“Texas Hot Weiners”! We had to stop for a quick pic! Big shout out to JK’s diner for the donated food!


Another successful build day today in PA where Kyle, myself and the team sided a 2 story house in Pocono, PA and laid cement to finish a basement for a Habitat home.

Huge day tomorrow… The beginning of 10 days of straight riding (no build days in between) where we’ll clock 600+ miles until we get to Huntington, WV.

Peace, love and bicycle grease,

Jacob and Kyle


3 responses to “Forget this biking thing… Show me the good stuff!

  • Ed Shimp

    Welcome to Pennsylvania, boys! It looks like you’re skirting the mountains until you hit Maryland, so the next few days won’t be too bad. Be sure to get some shoofly pie as you head through Pennsylvania Dutch territory. (No Jacob, the Pennsylvania Dutch aren’t really Dutch.)

  • Grace Boerema

    You’re going through the area where the Poppish family used to live! Ed is right, don’t waste time looking for your ancestors! XOXO

  • Momma lomma

    I am loving keeping up with you through your blog. I love you, be safe can’t wait to hug you. MWAAAAH

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